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AllRound Specialists Virtual Clinic is a telemedicine service provider that offers a variety of unique services to improve patient outcomes. With secure, convenient and affordable consultations, we provide our patients with the care they need to feel their best. From general health concerns to more specialized treatments, our team is here to help.

Live Video Consultation

Video consultation is an online video session with your specialist. You set your own appointment at your convenience with any specialist of your choice.

Text Consultation

Text Consultations feature is an asynchronous online healthcare service that enables your patients to ask questions about their health concerns to healthcare providers.

Real-time Monitoring

Patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes require continuous monitoring between clinic visits.

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WhatsApp medical consultations belong to yesterday. Use software approved for telemedicine.


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Dr. Kenneth Tachi
1053 Reviews)
Dr. Florence Dedey
(364 Reviews)
Dr. Samuel Antwi Oppong
(801 Reviews)
Dr. Dzifa Dey
(918 Reviews)
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Using the AllRound platform is free for every user. You can use the app to keep all your health records in an easy to access yet secured platform at no charge. You only pay for your consultations with our specialists.

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We provide access to over 30 different medical specialty and sub-specialties

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