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AllRound Specialists Virtual Clinic is primarily a telemedicine service provider with a wide range of unique services tailored to give patients and clients convenient, affordable and secured medical consultations to
improved health outcomes.

Live Video Consultation

Video consultation is an online video session with your specialist. You set your own appointment at your convenience with any specialist of your choice.

Text Consultation

Text Consultations feature is an asynchronous online healthcare service that enables your patients to ask questions about their health concerns to healthcare providers.

Real-time Monitoring

Patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes require continuous monitoring between clinic visits.

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Our Unique Features

 The services and features include;

connected HEALTHCARE

AllRound Health App integrates with Google Fit and iOS Health app, allowing data from wearable devices to be shared securely with the AllRound health to allow real-time monitoring by specialists:

  • Data integration with iHealth
  • BG5 monitor & Omron glucose monitor
  • Blood sugar tracking at home
  • Syncing readings with Personal Health Records